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Using Capsa for WiFi to Secure Your Wireless Network

By ZhaoRui Meng — CCIE Security

Wireless technology is one of the most fast-growing network technologies. It has been spreading rapidly around the company, campus, public area etc. Unfortunately, many implementations are being done without attention to issues of security and authentication. As a result, many wireless networks are set up so that anyone with mobile equipment can access, even from outside the building. Anyone with the proper equipment can also spy on traffic. The problem with WLAN users is that very few understand how their data is sent through the air, much less comprehend the associated risks.

Recently a study discovered that 40 – 50% of the wireless users aren’t implementing any form of protection. Some wireless networks are encrypted with WEP key, which is significantly less secure than WPA. To prove my point, I randomly scanned wireless networks around my office building and found out 7 WLANs were encrypted by WEP keys, one network unencrypted among 15 SSID received. It takes no more than 10 minutes to crack a WEP password by BT3. WPA has helped to increase the security available to wireless network. But a good dictionary may brute forcing a WPA password when the pre-defined key is weak.

Due to the broadcasting nature of radio propagation at typical Wi-Fi frequencies, anyone on the street or in the neighborhood will have chance to access to it. A whole subculture has sprung up of people going around, scanning for open wireless nodes, and publicizing them to people who want free wireless access. Capsa for WiFi helps network administrators manage access control by monitoring access IP addresses and security. Capsa for WiFi can detect all access IP addresses as well as peer hosts activities, to monitor network activities and identify network penetration and scanning anomalies. More specifically, any wireless engineers can use Capsa for WiFi to lock down network intruders, monitor clients’ online activities, and spot malware like worms, ARP attacks, Trojan horses etc. To deploy Capsa for WiFi is as simple as to connect your Caspa for WiFi equipped station with a common wireless card to your AP and enable traffic capturing on the fly. You can realize wireless network management without setting up port mirroring.

  1. Sue
    January 11th, 2011 at 02:00 | #1

    Very good article, Capsa for WiFi looks like really great. I’ll try.

  2. July 22nd, 2011 at 08:49 | #2

    I didn’t know this type of simple WiFi management and monitoring solution was on the market.

    Looks like it has a lot of useful functionality.

    You’ve got me wanting to learn more about Caspa and what it can do.

    Thanks for providing the review and overview

  3. July 29th, 2011 at 01:50 | #3

    Glad you like it, Taylor.

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