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Colasoft Announces Release of Capsa Network Analyzer v12.0 with New Analysis Profile

July 30th, 2019 No comments

Chengdu, China, July 23, 2019-Colasoft Co., Ltd, an innovative provider of network performance analysis and diagnostics solutions, today announced the release of Capsa Network Analyzer v12.0, a real-time portable network analyzer for wired and wireless network monitoring, bandwidth analysis and network troubleshooting.

The highlight of Capsa 12.0 is to add a new analysis profile, Full Traffic Decoding, which is used for displaying the decoding field of a certain protocol. With the new analysis profile, users can get the correlative decoding field value, conversation statistics and packets information. It is convenient for users to view the protocol decoding field and related statistics.

And in the new version, Capsa 12.0 users the DPI filter to filter out network packets. Users can customize filter conditions now. Technically, all the protocol decoding fields can be set as the filter condition. Capsa also provides some default filter rules based on protocols in Packet Analysis Filters Settings and Packet Storage Filters Settings.

Besides, Capsa provides a new function to show window size and RTT value for each TCP conversation. It is convenient for users to locate performance issues based on TCP conversations.

“With the release of Capsa 12.0, Colasoft enhanced the function of packet filter. Users can define filter conditions in the analysis profile before starting a capture. Such improvements show that we are always user-oriented.” said Eddie Gao, CIO at Colasoft, “We are working to provide Capsa which has very friendly interface, high reliability and good application effect.”

Capsa v12.0 is compatible with Windows 7/8/10 and Windows Server 2008/2012. A trial is available for download at

Capsa network analyzer review

October 12th, 2015 No comments

Capsa network analyzer review from

Capsa is a powerful network analyzer for Ethernet analysis, troubleshooting and monitoring. Not only does it provide users with a series of powerful features that help them learn more about improving network security, pinpoint network issues and monitor network activities, but it also features a user-friendly interface that makes using it a breeze. The software is generally targeted at computer professionals and/or teachers who want to learn more about networking technology, protocols, monitoring and security.


Real time monitoring

As a packet sniffer, Capsa is capable of real time packets monitoring and can also presents the data visually by using logs and a GUI for future reference. Given the fact the software is capable if easily analyzing and diagnosing problems on a network, it can tell the user in minutes what is causing it to be slow or if there is an attack that may be the culprit for its poor performance.

In identifying network issues, Capsa can find the top ten local hosts that slow down the network and can also detect whether someone is using a Bit torrent client to download files off the web which is obviously a prime cause of slow network performance.

Safety and security

Should an attack be responsible for the network’s poor performance, the software will immediately locate the packet info and source codes from the host so that the admin can promptly begin investigating the issue. There are 2 types of worms the software can locate, including operating system works and E-mail worms. This functionality is paramount in identifying the infected computers which eventually allows the admin to fix these issues.

Available filters

In order to be able to focus on specific packets, administrators can use a wide range of filters right from Capsa’s dashboard. For instance, admins can monitor real time messages, http requests, E-mail messages and more of the 4 most popular IM apps including YM, ICQ, AIM and MSN.

Other features

There are of course many other features that Capsa incorporates, such as the ability to generate reports of a certain group or global networks automatically, but also customize the data on different charts. As a network administrator, you can also use the software to remotely monitor traffic by installing the application on the business network (on a workstation of course) and using the Remote Desktop Access function.


All in all, Capsa is by far one of the most reliable and simply the best network analyzers out there. Not only does it offer a wide range of improvements that make using it a breeze, but it makes it very easy for anyone who uses it to find the info they need. On top of that, thanks to functions such as reports, Matrix and Diagnosis, it definitely stands out from the large crowd of similar programs available today.


Colasoft Capsa Network Analyzer – Selected as No.6 of “ Readers’ Choice Award – Security Scanner Software”

November 18th, 2014 No comments

Colasoft Capsa Network Analyzer was selected as No.6  in the Security Scanner Software category of the Readers’ Choice Awards.

1st Tenable Nessus 27%
2nd Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner  24%
3rd Retina Network Security Scanner  13%
4th GFI LanGuard  10%
5th Metasploit Pro for Windows  5%
5th NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager  5%
6th Colasoft Capsa Network Analyzer  3%
6th Dell Enterprise Reporter  3%
6th ShadowSecurityScanner  3%
7th Syhunt suite  1%
Others 6%


“Our Readers’ Choice Awards give visitors to our site the opportunity to vote for the products they view as the very best in their respective category,” said Sean Buttigieg, manager. “ users are specialists in their field who encounter various network security solutions at the workplace. The award serves as a mark of excellence, providing the ultimate recognition from peers within the industry.”


WindowSecurity.comconducts monthly polls to discover which product is preferred by Network Security administrators in a particular category of third party network security solutions. The awards draw a huge response per category and are based entirely on the visitors’ votes. visitors can submit their votes for the current Readers’ Award poll in the site’s left-hand bar.


If you’d like to know who the Readers’ Choice winners were, please take a look at Winner in the Security Scanner Software Category of Readers’ Choice Awards.


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