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Colasoft Announces Capsa Data Packet Analyzer v7.8 Release

2014年8月20日 没有评论

August 20, 2014– Colasoft, an Oklahoma company, is a leading provider of innovative, affordable, network analysis software solutions. Colasoft today announced the release of its latest Capsa Network Analyzer, version 7.8, a real-time portable network analyzer for wired and wireless network monitoring, bandwidth analysis, and intrusion detection.

In addition to Bandwidth Monitoring and Traffic Analysis, Capsa Enterprise has added full support for VoIP communication analysis. Capsa customers can now, not only monitor VoIP calls, but also drill into a vast collection of call statistics detailing their jitter, loss, and MOS. The new VoIP Explorer and VoIP Diagnostic views allow users to visualize the VoIP data as Capsa visually displays the voice and video quality, assisting users in troubleshooting VoIP networks, software and hardware.

Colasoft has also added a new detailed Port Analysis view to their Capsa Enterprise packet capture application. This new Port Analysis view is quite useful in the analysis of application management issues to determine where the problem actually originates.

In addition to VoIP, Colasoft has added a new “Top Domain Name” view of the network traffic. Colasoft users can now view the traffic utilization by Domain Name in addition to IP Address. Additionally, this new release of Capsa Enterprise has added full support of IMAP4 to the hundreds of already supported protocols. A Free Trial version is available for download at: http://www.colasoft.com/download/products/download_capsa.php

With the increasing number of companies being hacked, Colasoft has seen a dramatic increase in the interest of its Capsa and nChronos products. As noted by Brian K. Smith, Vice President at Colasoft LLC, “Capsa is the only Packet Sniffer and Packet Decoder to provide an easy to use GUI combined with CyberAttack Detection features that were previously found only in more expensive Intrusion Detection Applications. Colasoft Capsa now offers the Network Engineer one of the most robust Bandwidth and Packet Analysis tools available.”

With the release of Capsa 7.8 there is now added support for protocols like: IMAP4, SIP, SDP, MEGACO/H.248, MGCP, Q.931, SAP, H.225, RMI, Oracle, MMS, GOOSE, SMV, and GMRP. Capsa also added several new VoIP protocols. Capsa inherently analyzes VoIP issues, like voice quality QOS, dropped packets and connectivity issues.

Capsa 7.8 is compatible with Windows XP/2003/2008/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. A trial version is available for download at: http://www.colasoft.com/download/products/download_capsa.php

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Colasoft Capsa 6.9 R2 Now Fully Compatible with Windows 7

2009年7月2日 4 条评论

We are so excited to announce a new version of our flagship product – Colasoft Capsa Network Analyzer. The latest released Capsa 6.9 R2 is now fully compatible with the current Windows 7 32bit and 64bit Edition, satisfying the users’ growing need for Win 7 compatibility.

Please check the following for new features and latest improvement of Capsa 6.9 R2. We hope you enjoy the new version! Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

New Features:

  • Support Windows 7 32bit and 64bit Edition.
  • Packet Player: Support replay multiple packet files simultaneously.
  • Globally added two new options: alias(or hostname) and address can be displayed simultaneously.
  • There is a new option in the global Option settings users can enable to prevent hibernation when capturing.
  • New protocol ISL and FCoE can be recognized now.
  • Decoders for ISL, FCoE protocols.
  • Support Windows Server 2008 and X64 Edition.


  • An online help section activated in Start Page below Quick Link.
  • The Loopback won’t be shown in the NIC test wizard.

Bug Fixed:

  • A wrong value has been displayed in the decode area for IP Fragment Offset.
  • Users login as other windows ID will have to reactivate Capsa every time they login.

Download a Free Trial Now

Capsa 6.9 R2 is Coming Very Soon

2009年6月30日 没有评论

We are going to release Capsa 6.9 R2 very soon, stay close 🙂

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Capsa Enterprise Edition Recently Reviewd by Keylogger.org

2009年6月21日 4 条评论

We are happy to see that keyloggers.org, which has a special appetite in reviewing and testing monitoring software, recently tested and reviewed Capsa Enterprise Edition, also gave it a very favorable comment.

Keylogger.org Logo

Keylogger.org Logo

Colasoft Capsa also has a lot of other advantages, but we think you already understood the two generic ones – first, the information analyzed by Colasoft Capsa is easy to access and view and, second, the program itself is very user-friendly and easy to understand. These qualities make Colasoft Capsa a perfect choice both for experts and novices in network administration.

To view to full review, you can click here.

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Get Colasoft MAC Scanner Pro Edition For Free, Act Now!

2009年6月18日 2 条评论

Are you ready for this? We are. Say goodbye to the Free edition and get your license key for the Pro edition immediately!

How to Get It?

What’s the difference anyway?
With MAC Scanner Pro Edition, you can:

  • Save Scan Results into database for future reference
  • Add attributes (such as users name and physical location of the host) to scan results and save in database
  • Automatically compares new MAC scan results with database records and notifies difference and new records (illegal access)
  • Export Scan Results
  • More…

Find the difference yourself as you can get it for free!

Colasoft Team

Upcoming: Get MAC Scanner Pro Edition For Free!

2009年6月15日 2 条评论

Good news for the users who need advanced features in MAC Scanner Pro:

Later this month we’ll announce an event which users can get MAC Scanner Pro (market price $99) completely Free.

So please keep up with our blog and be the lucky ones, subscribe our rss with the tool on the right top corner.

Good Luck! 🙂

UGI Monitors & Analyzes Networks with Colasoft’s Network Analyzer Software

2009年5月7日 3 条评论
UGI Logo

UGI Logo

Following giant customers like AIRBUS, IBM, INTEL, PEPSI, PHILIPS, UGI now becomes another Colasoft’s big customer. UGI will deploy Colasoft Network Analyzer to whole company computer network, to analyze network problems, detect network intrusion attempts, and gain information for effecting a network intrusion, monitor network usage, gather and report network statistics, filter suspect content from network traffic, etc, to keep their network safe and smooth.

About UGI

UGI Corporation (NYSE:UGI) is a distributor and marketer of energy products and services including propane, butane, natural gas and electricity. UGI has paid common dividends for 124 consecutive years and raised its dividend in each of the last 21 years.

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New Partner: Horus-Net GmbH & Co. KG in Remagen, Germany

2009年3月30日 1 条评论
HorusNet Logo

HorusNet Logo

We are glad to announce that HorusNet, a data communication specialist company whose core competence lies in the analysis and evaluation of measurement data (for LAN, WLAN or VoIP-specific projects), recently becomes our distributer of Colasoft software products in Germany.

About Horus-Net
Behind the name of Horus-Net hides a to the field of data communication specialist company. Their core competence lies in the analysis and evaluation of measurement data (for LAN, WLAN or VoIP-specific projects). This has primarily activities such as network measurements in the accident, but also to control and verification, or in migration projects, optimizing the performance of its network and serve.

With appropriate troubleshooting seminars, workshops and product training Horus-Net meets the demands/needs of customers, experience and knowledge to get taught. That’s why they offer both in their own home as well as customer training, the move away from abstract theoretical lectures and instead focus on the teaching of theory as much as necessary, but as much practice as possible, lay nearby.

From the efforts of customers, according to their own ways its network to proactively monitor, or possibly to entstören, arises the third branch of Horus-Net sales of hardware and software solutions in the field of prevention and Analysis for Wireless (WLAN), 10/100/1000Mbit and 10Gbit networks. They are always vendor across in search of the most suitable for the customer solution.

Accordingly, it is their company’s philosophy on customer-tailored solutions to each area and to flexibly and individually to work. So they provide competent partners also possible in the implementation of optimization proposals, or the removal of problem sites supportive cooperates.

Contact Info
Contact: Esther Werner
Email: e.werner[at]horus-net.de
Web: http://www.horus-net.de
Tel: 49 2642 9982-0
Fax: 49 2642 9982-34

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New Partner: Kaltron Security LTD in Nicosia, Cyprus

2009年3月23日 没有评论
Kaltron is an information technology solutions company.

Kaltron is an information technology solutions company.

We are glad to announce that Kaltron Security LTD, an information technology solutions company headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus, recently becomes a Silver Reseller of Colasoft software products in Cyprus & Greece regions.

Kaltron is an information technology solutions company. They supply state of the art advanced equipment and services, concentrated on secure and reliable infrastructures, and they are able to deliver a high level of expertise with substantial added value for their clients.

The Internet provides a flexible and cost-effective infrastructure for extending the corporate network to all employees and key partners. Kaltron’s business is turning client vision into results through consulting, systems integration and managed operations.

Identifying and managing e-business risks are the only means to secure growth by building competitive advantage.

Kaltron’s mission is to provide integrated design, build and operate solutions to large multi-national clients, governmental agencies and where security is a critical concern. Their business approach is based on establishing long-term partnerships that encourage success through mutual benefit.

At Kaltron, Systems Integration is not just about integrating new solutions, but includes getting the most out of legacy applications to prolong returns from existing IT investment. Successfully combining new solutions with established ones can transform the complete enterprise architecture into a single, seamless business system. Kaltron’s extensive experience in integrating people, processes and technologies enables us to design, build and operate practical and robust solutions.

Contact Info:
Contact: Niki Theodorakopoulou
Email: info[at]kaltronsec.com
Web: http://www.kaltronsec.com/
Tel: 30 694 751 1181
Fax: 30 694 751 1181

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Mozambique, Colasoft Network Analyzer Enters a New Market

2009年3月3日 没有评论

link – Sistemas de Informação, Lda., a company focused on the implementation of solutions based on Internet platform, has purchased Capsa to add value to its business and increase work efficiency. This means Colasoft enters a new market with is high-performance yet cost-effective network analyzer software products.

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Download Colasoft Network Analyzer Free Trial Now >>>

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