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Colasoft Launches nChronos Forensic Data Recorder v4.1

November 14th, 2013 No comments

Tulsa, OK – November 11, 2013 – Colasoft LLC, an innovative developer of network management and packet analysis software and solutions, today announced the release of a new version of its flagship product, nChronos, a Forensic Network Analysis Application. Customizable and schedulable reporting are now available in nChronos 4.1, allowing network administrators to easily generate and schedule various reports on the traffic for a specific time period.

nChronos’ new reporting engine now provides 12 statistical system reports based on:

1)       Traffic

2)       Addresses

3)       Communication

4)       Applications

5)       Top Talkers

6)       Alarms

Users can customize reports for a specific network scope, like addresses, network segments, and applications, based on 17 built-in report modules. Network Administrators will have comparison data for all reports. nChronos 4.1 allows more effective analysis because not the data from all reports can be compared with historical indicators. Both system reports and user-defined reports can be scheduled to generate hourly, daily, weekly and monthly reports, and sent to any email recipients as specified.

nChronos 4.1 strives to provide greater convenience for network administrators through the reports delivered by email.  This new reporting includes, but is not limited to:

1)       Bandwidth Consumption

2)       Application Activity

3)       Trending Traffic

4)       Network Anomalies

With the new innovative comparison function, the nChronos reports can be presented to the management without any extra effort because everything is already so designed for you.

In addition to reports, traffic alarms based on network segments are provided in nChronos 4.1, with 27 available trigger parameters. A Transaction Content Analysis window is provided for transaction logs to display the details of an application transaction, including the client and server IP and port number, the request and response time and content.

The reporting and transaction analysis are great features we have added to nChronos because of customer demand”, said Brandon Lewis, Director of Customer Support at Colasoft, “This new release makes nChronos a more comprehensive forensic network analysis solution for critical enterprise networks”.

The evaluation version of nChronos 4.1 is now available at Colasoft website

Read the full press release here.

Colasoft nChronos Forensic Data Recorder v4.0

June 19th, 2013 No comments

We are very happy today to announce a new version of our flagship product, the nChronos Network Forensic Data Recorder application. The new nChronos version 4.0 has enhanced application monitoring and alerting capability.

This release of nChronos provides the user with the capability of monitoring the performance and real-time availability of custom applications.  nChronos has also added the ability to monitor transaction analysis of HTTP-based web applications.  nChronos has the ability to monitor Standard Applications, Web Applications, and Signature Applications.

The nChronos Expert Analyzer module now offers the ability to perform Custom Reporting of network parameters. Additionally, in response to customer demands and industry trends nChronos now supports IPv6 analysis.  The nChronos is fully supported on Microsoft Operating Systems running in 64 bit OS’s.

Application monitoring and alerting are mission critical to many of our customers”, said Brandon Lewis, Director of Customer Support at Colasoft. “This new release of nChronos provides users the capability to ‘rewind’ their network traffic and troubleshoot application issues as if it were real-time.”


nChronos 4.0 now gives network engineers the ability to monitor from the application to the packet level and set alarms that trigger when network performance parameters are exceeded or security conditions are tripped.  nChronos performs like a Digital Video Recorder for your Data Network now alerting you of an issue before your phone rings.


A Free Evaluation version of nChronos 4.0 is now available at Colasoft website

How to baseline network throughput and performance

May 10th, 2012 1 comment

What is network baseline?

Do you know what your normal network throughput volume is, what types of traffic are most used in your network? If you can’t answer these questions then you should baseline your network. Network baseline is very important to network management because the data will tell you what it’s like when everything goes all right.

To baseline your network, you need software or hardware to listen on your network or a particular device. Both Colasoft nChronos and Capsa can be used to accomplish this task. Both of them are used to listen into packet data of a wire and generate all kinds of statistics on the network. To baseline a network, you need to use them to monitor the network traffic long enough, because a wider time span presents a more real picture of network traffic pattern. The use of network baseline is listed as follows:

• Understand healthy network pattern and traffic trends.

• Evaluate network management policies compliance.

• Understand how the network resources are allocated.

• Accelerate to troubleshoot network issues, i.e. abnormal traffic and spam traffic, etc.

• Provide data on network and security management to support decision making.

• Provide history statistics on network upgrade.
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Colasoft Launches Industry’s First Retrospective Network Analysis Freeware

August 25th, 2011 No comments

Today we are very happy to announce the release of nChronos Free, the industry’s first retrospective network analysis freeware and rapid continuous network traffic capturing and analysis solution which offers great capabilities in troubleshooting real-time networks and fastest drilling down to back-in-time network analysis to thousands of network professionals.

nChronos Free enables network administrators and professionals to realize high-speed massive network packet real-time capture and record, provides efficient data mining, in-depth network traffic analysis, drill down to isolate performance issues and troubleshooting high-priority and critical network issues. nChronos Free offers home offices or SMB who could not afford costly network analysis solutions the capability of remote data capturing, efficient network troubleshooting, application and device performance evaluation and optimization.

“The advanced capabilities of nChronos Free are very essential to enterprises or organizations whose networks are challenged by growing network traffic and performance expectations, said Roy Luo, CEO at Colasoft. “nChronos Free make it easy for network professionals to maintain a well-performed and productive network by quickly pinpointing critical network issues”.

“Network professionals are not only able to capture network traffic in real-time and display detailed statistics including protocols, network utilization, and so on, but also to view analysis results of any specific time duration, benchmark the network performance, and audit network user activities with forensics from the historical network traffic”, said Eddie Gao, CTO at Colasoft. “By continuously recording network traffic for back-in-time analysis, all critical network issues that threaten network performance and network security would be proactively resolved”.

Key Features of nChronos Free

Perform 7×24 real-time packet capturing to storage for application and network forensics analysis and back-in-time troubleshooting
Efficient drill-down for traffic data-mining and index for rapid data retrieval and application isolation
Provide detailed statistics of protocols, IP/TCP conversations, network utilization to baseline and visualized trends of network performance
Monitor critical events on any critical links with customizable alerts
In-depth network traffic analysis to optimize performance

nChronos retrospective network analysis freeware is available for download HERE .

Colasoft Announces the Launch of nChronos Retrospective Network Analysis Software

May 31st, 2011 2 comments

May 31, 2011, Colasoft, the leading provider of innovative network analysis solutions, today announces the launch of nChronos retrospective network analysis software, providing customers with great capabilities to troubleshoot high performance networks and pinpoint critical performance & application issues.

As a brand new retrospective product, nChronos’ release has poured fresh and great power to Colasoft Network Analysis Technology. It performs massive packet capturing and recording, efficient data mining and in-depth network traffic analysis to empower customers the capability of visualizing the overall enterprise network activities, drilling down to isolate performance issues and troubleshooting high-priority and critical network issues. Furthermore, it consists of servers and consoles to achieve expediently remote data capture, decoding and analysis for efficient network troubleshooting, application and device performance evaluation and optimization.

“With nChronos, IT professionals are able to view a specific window of time to troubleshoot network problems, benchmark the network performance, and audit network user activities with forensics from the historical network traffic”, said Eddie Gao, CTO of Colasoft, “Exclusively, nChronos provides scalable mass storage capacity varies from 1TB to unlimited storage for packets and statistics retrieval to meet the customizable network requirements”.

Features of nChronos retrospective network traffic software:

7×24 real-time packet capturing and recording for forensics analysis
Retrospectively analyze historical traffic of any time period
Baseline and visualized trends of network performance
Critical links monitoring & alerting
In-depth network traffic analysis to optimize performance
Efficient drill-down for traffic data-mining & index

An evaluation copy of nChronos retrospective network analysis software is available. Click here to request.