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Video Tutorials for nChronos

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About nChronos

nChronos is a back-in-time network analysis server for high performance & critical enterprise networks. It combines nChronos Console and nChronos Server to deliver the capability of 7*24 continuous packet capturing, unlimited data storage, efficient data mining and in depth traffic analysis.

nChronos Console provide quick access to all distributedly deployed nChronos Servers where packets are stored, it serves as the center of the enterprise network management which is capable of visualizing the overall enterprise network activities, drilling down to isolate performance issues and troubleshooting high-priority and critical network issues.

nChronos Server performs 7*24 real-time packet capturing and continually store to hard disk for quick packets and statistics retrieval. With flexible and non-intrusive deployment with standard network mirror port or link tap technologies, it provides native packets for the Console to go back in time and complete retrospective network analysis.

With nChronos, you can

  • Retrospectively analyze the historical network traffic;
  • Proactive network monitoring and cost-effective network management;
  • Efficient drill-down for data-mining & index;
  • Provide forensics analysis and mitigate security risks;
  • Remote access for distributed LAN/WAN network management.

Video Tutorials List

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