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Colasoft nChronos Forensic Data Recorder v4.0

We are very happy today to announce a new version of our flagship product, the nChronos Network Forensic Data Recorder application. The new nChronos version 4.0 has enhanced application monitoring and alerting capability.

This release of nChronos provides the user with the capability of monitoring the performance and real-time availability of custom applications.  nChronos has also added the ability to monitor transaction analysis of HTTP-based web applications.  nChronos has the ability to monitor Standard Applications, Web Applications, and Signature Applications.

The nChronos Expert Analyzer module now offers the ability to perform Custom Reporting of network parameters. Additionally, in response to customer demands and industry trends nChronos now supports IPv6 analysis.  The nChronos is fully supported on Microsoft Operating Systems running in 64 bit OS’s.

Application monitoring and alerting are mission critical to many of our customers”, said Brandon Lewis, Director of Customer Support at Colasoft. “This new release of nChronos provides users the capability to ‘rewind’ their network traffic and troubleshoot application issues as if it were real-time.”


nChronos 4.0 now gives network engineers the ability to monitor from the application to the packet level and set alarms that trigger when network performance parameters are exceeded or security conditions are tripped.  nChronos performs like a Digital Video Recorder for your Data Network now alerting you of an issue before your phone rings.


A Free Evaluation version of nChronos 4.0 is now available at Colasoft website www.colasoft.com.

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